Evie Bartlett

Evie came home when she was 6-and-a-half and is now eight. She loves school, swimming, horses, cats, Tangled, Frozen, her big brothers and their friends, grandma and grandpa, and any activity with her family. Like her family, her favorite food is pizza which she calls “ZA!” This summer, she has been playing Challenger League baseball. She’s quite a hit (pun intended)! 

Evie will be going into second grade this fall and is supported and loved by amazing teachers and therapists. In many ways, sje has been our easiest child. She is always up for a new experience, clever, creative, kind, polite, intuitive, and sometimes a little spicy! She is a girl who knows what she wants and how she wants it done (those are leadership skills, we’re certain)! Recently, her grandpa said, “I could just watch her for hours.” It’s so true, and that is because she is amazing – smart, brave, resilient, inventive, and SO funny! Evie takes every opportunity to show everyone around her just how alike we all really are! People literally can’t help but smile in her presence.

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