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Boy | Age: 4

Region: Latin America

Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Listed: FEB 2021

August is listed as having Down syndrome, a history of imperforate anus, hypothyroidism, mild myopia, dysfunctional gastrostomy, Congenital Heart Defect- PFO, and suspected cerebral palsy.

June 2021 update:  New photos & videos available from the agency!

August is a cute little boy with bright eyes. He likes to play with toys that make sounds and loves to hear and see the changes in tune and light, as his hands play with the toys. August also loves to swing in the sensory room.

There is a $1,000 agency fee reduction for August’s adoption with a specific agency! August needs a family with an approved home study to be able to move forward with adopting him. If you are interested in learning more about, or adopting, August – the agency would be happy to assist you.


Boy | Age: 4

Region: Eastern Europe

Primary Diagnosis: Down Syndrome; heart condition – operated


Girl | Age: 8

Country Code: LA-2

Region: Latin America

Primary Diagnosis: Down Syndrome

Bria is a cute little girl!  The agency has additional information; please inquire to learn more about making this adorable little girl part of your family!

Password: Adoptmaa


Boy | Age: 12

Country Code: Asia.1

Region: Asia

His written update is from Feb 2021!  Compared with other kids with Down syndrome, his intelligence is better. He is potty trained, follows instructions, and eats on his own, etc.  Brodie is a good listener, well behaved, and enjoys playing outside. Brodie is a warm-hearted little boy. When he sees his little friends sad, he will go to comfort him and touch his head.

Brodie is an outgoing and happy boy. Brody spent a significant amount of time living at and being cared for by a children’s home. When he first arrived there, he was not talking and was angry. He grew and changed so much while in their care. When guests would come, he learned how to take the initiative to greet and play with them. He loves watching cartoons and dancing. In fact, he dances quite well, and everyone loves to watch him dance! While at this home, Brody also loved to go to school and play with the other children. He was said to be carefree and happy every day.


Boy | Age: 14

Country Code: EE-1

Region: Eastern Europe

Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome


Girl | Age: 7

Country Code: Asia.1

Region: Asia

Cecelia is a precious little girl! She has had surgery to correct her heart defect. Cecelia is an active little girl who loves participating in interactive games!

Cecelia has adorable MUST-WATCH videos from 2019 and significant grants to help an adoptive family bring her home! It is our hope that her forever family finally sees her and says YES!


Girl | Age: 5

DOB: 9/07/15

This outgoing, friendly, and cheerful little boy came into care at approximately two months old. He is diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and daily attends a specialized class targeted to his needs. He gets along well with peers, has a favorite friend and likes to imitate his favorite caregiver.

He is a friendly and easy going child who interacts peacefully with everyone. When he is upset, he seeks out the teacher or caregiver who are able to sooth him. He follows one-step directions but loses focus with two step directions. He is described as a good helper and puts dishes in the sink following a meal and puts chairs away when school is over.


Boy | Age: 7

Country Code: Asia.1

Region: Asia

Conner is an adorable little boy, born in May of 2014 with down syndrome and anal atresia. He has had three surgeries, including a colostomy and anoplasty. Conner receives early childhood education and rehabilitation to work on his cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and language abilities. After just two months of this, he started learning how to make friends, share, and get around better. Conner likes giving his foster siblings kisses and helping hold their bottles for them. He will even help wipe their mouths like a good big brother. Over time, he has learned how to feed himself with a spoon. He can take off his own shoes and likes to organize all the other shoes. He tries to put on his own socks and shoes, but needs a little assistance getting the shoes on the right feet. He can understand simple language, basic directions, and he reads facial expressions very well. When he sees his foster mother smiling at him, he will smile back, be good, and snuggle up in her arms quietly. If someone is looking at him with a not so nice face, he will make a serious face and play by himself. He gets upset when he is criticized for making a bad choice.