Annie Chan

Annie Chan

MEMBER SINCE - July, 2016

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"I have many interests in life. One of them is running: for fun and the exercise,...but mostly for fun.
Another is orphans. In medical school years ago I had the opportunity to spend time in southwest China where I volunteered with a local pediatrics clinic. We also visited local orphanages to provide health care for the children there. Most of the kids we met had congenital abnormalities or special needs, including Downs Syndrome, yet each child still had such an energy for life. For some of the children, we learned of their background story, and too often parents were forced to give up their child because they did not understand their child's needs or could not afford the medical care and attention for their child. Since then I've been left with a longing to somehow do more for these kids.

Running for RODS brings these two worlds together: having fun and helping to give at least some of the kids like the ones I met a chance to grow up with a loving family. I'm excited to be able to start making a difference."

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