Erin Crum

Erin Crum

MEMBER SINCE - April, 2016

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Growing up in California, Erin Crum developed a passion for all sports, rarely focusing on one. As a four-sport high school athlete at 5’3, it was odd that her favorite sport was basketball. However, it quickly became obvious that her strength was not necessarily shooting hoops, but rather literally wearing down her opponents through endurance and thriving on the camaraderie that goes along with being part of a team. After realizing this strength and competing briefly on the cross-country team at Stanford University, Erin turned to triathlon as a way to get her multi-sport fix. Two kids and many years later, Erin is embarking on her second season as a professional triathlete. For Erin, the journey with friends and setting a good example for her kids are what matter the most. She currently lives in Boise, Idaho with her family and hasn’t yet quit her day job working for McKesson Specialty Health as the Director of Quality Reporting Programs to help improve the delivery of oncology care.

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Location: Idaho, Boise, US


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