Walter & Marina Chinchilla

Walter & Marina Chinchilla

MEMBER SINCE - October, 2013


"I started running recently, after over 20 years of not being able to run due to knee injury/surgery and doctor's advise not to do it. I started because I missed running very much, and I was looking for a balance in my life again.

I joined Team In Training in March 2013; since then I have participated and completed a half marathon, a full marathon, and have lost 65 pounds of weight.

I am looking for more challenges for my running. I participated in the Nike Women's Half Marathon in D.C., then the Nike Women's Marathon of SF. I have also set my focus on training for a 70.3 IronMan in the near future.

I am planning to participate in other marathons, but nothing specific in mind. I love to train, I have a very healthy life and clean diet. My wife is making a change of career to be a full time personal trainer which is very exciting to us; and my children participate / attend my running events with us.

I love running, I love running for a good purpose such as RODS!!! Nothing better than enjoying what I am doing, and benefiting someone who needs it. I think RODS is amazing; and I want to be part of the solution for such a kind cause."

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Profession: Systems Engineer

Location: Discovery Bay, CA

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