Boy | Age: 7

Region: Latin America

Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Listed: April 2017

Jais is generally healthy — it is reported he needs glasses. Jais is calm and loving towards those around him. He expresses his desires easily.

Update Feb 2020: This file is old, so the information is from one year ago. He is verbal. He attends speech therapy. He has some difficulty pronouncing some words. His speech is delayed according to his age. A year ago he was using diapers, but he was telling when he had to get it changed because he felt discomfort. He is very affectionate, very loving, and respectful with adults. He follows norms and rules. He was sometimes pulling the hair of peers at school. The neurologist states he is a child that has progressed a lot since he has been receiving therapies and recommended that he not stop them.

A specific agency has a $2,500 grant available for his adoption.