Join the tribe and the movement! RODS athletes are leaders and examples in their communities. They are constantly involved in community events and projects. When someone needs help with a task, RODS Athletes are generally the first individuals that come to mind. Advocating for a child with Down syndrome is a part of who they are, because it’s in their nature to think of others. They take pride in the children that they are advocating for. They feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to bring them home. They experience overwhelming joy when a family has stepped forward and committed to adoption. This isn’t a “task” for them. It’s a blessing and an opportunity.

The core of our team is made up of endurance athletes, participating in endurance runs and Ironman/Triathlons. However, we accept all athletes from every discipline. If you compete for the right of children with Down syndrome to grow up with a forever family, then you are invited to be part of our team.

What is requested of RODS Athletes:

  • Before signing up, click here and identify a child with Down syndrome whom you wish to advocate for. 
  • Sign up to be a RODS athlete
  • Make a donation of $250 to help cover the cost of your RODS Kit
    • Racing shirt, hat, advocate poster
    • Extra will be donated to the RODS Adoption Pool
  • As a RODS athlete, you are encouraged to participate in multiple races (of any distance) each year. These races will be the opportunity for you to highlight the child that you are advocating for. As you are training and preparing for each race, we ask you to make Facebook and Instagram posts, highlighting your training and the child you have identified. These posts should be directed towards encouraging donations and asking for help in finding “your child” a family. When a family steps forward and commits to adopting this child, we’ll then work together on finding you a new child to identify and advocate for.

Athlete Perks:

  • Gear Discounts from Brand Partners
  • Coaching Tips
  • Option for Coaching Plans
  • Joining the tribe and having opportunity to bless dozens of lives