Who can become a RODS team member?
Anyone can become involved with RODS, but the most successful RODS team members don’t just race for themselves, but are actively involved with racing for a ‘greater cause’ – racing for RODS orphans and enjoy being part of a large, dedicated endurance team.
Do I have to be a competitive athlete to join the RODS Team?
No prior athletic prowess required. RODS Team members come from all different background and abilities. Each RODS Team member also must participate in at least once race a year wearing RODS apparel. Racing events can be as simple as a one mile walk, a 20 mile bike ride, or as advanced as a Full Ironman.
Are there any cost associated to join the RODS Team?
There is absolutely no membership fee or association fee required to join the RODS Team! The only expense involved is for the purchase of your racing RODS apparel. You will be provided the apparel at the lowest cost possible for our team members.
Do I have to fundraise?
You are NOT required to fundraise as a RODS Team member. However, many RODS Team members choose to do so.
What if I don’t race? Can I still be involved?
Absolutely! If you don’t race you can still become involved! Some RODS Team members choose to promote awareness about our RODS Orphan, others volunteer with our foundation, or even recruit more team members. The possibilities are endless! Reach out to find out more! contact admin@rods.org
Can my children be involved?
Of course! Some of the best RODS Team members are children who wanted to become involved. The RODS Jr. Program is our youth program dedicated for children to collaborate together in smaller teams (rather than working alone).
How can my friends, family and colleagues donate?
Donating to the RODS Orphan is EASY! Your friends, family and colleagues can donate on your behalf because you will have your own team member web page! Then, you will be credited for those donations. Or, simply go to the Donate section on the website. Some donors prefer not to make payments online. That is okay! You can send a check or money order to: RODS, 5442 S 900 E, Suite 226, Salt Lake City, UT 84117-7204

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