Criteria for Application

  • Must have a child identified to adopt through a Hauge Accredited Adoption Agency
  • Must have completed Home Study
  • Must submit a picture of you (the parents) and your current family
  • At least one parent must have fulltime employment which has been established for at least one year
    • If one parent is fulltime employed but has been for less than one year, applicant must submit a letter explaining why fulltime employment has been less than one year
  • Must have an income of at least 25% above federal poverty guidelines. Guidelines can be found at
  • Must submit a bio of both parents
    • Include any current relations to the Down syndrome community
  • Complete Grant Application Form

Grants will not be processed without completion of the listed criteria items above. Complete packets can be emailed to or mailed to:


3125 North Main Street

Suite 102

North Logan, UT 84321

Grants are reviewed in the order that they are received. Families that meet the above criteria are carefully considered on an individual basis. If approved, RODS will work with Reece’s Rainbow to determine the grant amount. The determined amount will be paid directly to Reece’s Rainbow. Please keep in mind that RODS receives numerous grant applications, and we unfortunately cannot approve every request. In an effort to help future adoptive families, grant recipients agree to allow RODS to share relevant pictures, videos and stories.