About Yia’s family, the Bartletts: 
Steve, a special education teacher, and Stacy, a science teacher, have always known they would grow their family through adoption. Since first starting the process to adopt from foster care in 2008, they have walked an adoption path that has turned out to be long and winding, hope-filled and heart-breaking, and, ultimately, one of surrender. After a recent, failed international adoption of a dearly loved and known daughter, Steve and Stacy began questioning how – wait things out, switch countries, adopt from foster care – or even if they could or should proceed – maybe their dream hadn’t been meant-to-be, afterall.

And then a series of seemingly random events led Stacy to see the photos and videos of a precious, adorable, funny, mischievous, and joyful little girl named Yia. Stacy’s heart melted and exploded at the same time.

Stacy gathered up the courage to discuss this unexpected adoption possibility with Steve and the boys, Kye (17) and Kade (14). ALL of them agreed that nothing about it made any sense: Yia was from a country that would require them to switch agencies, countries, and start back at square one with allllllllllll their paperwork, Yia had a lot of unknowns related to her health (though they love that she is a heart warrior just like their son, Kye) and diagnoses (their previous home study requested a child with “mild, correctable/treatable needs”), Yia was younger than they had considered, and, financially, their failed adoption left them completely unprepared to pursue her adoption. And yet, they have decided to step out in faith because they are certain, beyond a shadow of doubt, that Yia is their daughter. They are believing and trusting that Yia has been the plan all along, and, so far, each step of this new journey has confirmed that.

The Bartletts are excited, scared, hopeful, cautious, optimistic, anxious, but most of all certain that Yia is their sister and child. They would be forever grateful for your support as they run to bring Yia home!

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. Proverbs 3:5


YIA for the Bartlett family — WI