RODS Orphan Story

Jimmie (formerly known as Elvis) has adjusted well with his adoptive family, the Hopkins.
His adoptive mother, Heidi shares a little about Jimmie’s personality, “He LOVES music! He is always trying to sneak into his sister’s room and steal her little ukulele. When we are listening to music in the car, or during worship time at church, Jimmie whips out his “air guitar” and totally rocks out. He also loves to dance and has some really awesome moves. He enjoys all kinds of games and active play. Jimmie always wants to be right in the middle, he loves to play basketball and is learning to ride his tricycle. He loves to swing and slide and jump on our trampoline. Jimmie loves to play in water and go swimming! Jimmie also enjoys reading books with mommy and daddy and snuggling.”

– Hiedi (Adoptive Mother)