RODS Orphan Story:

Gabe (formerly known as Arnold), was blessed to make it home before the ban of adoptions from Russia. Amazingly he made it home before any complications of being held up in the court systems from Russia! According to Becky Preece, his adoptive mother, “Gabe has grown leaps and bounds in all areas of his development since he came home. He talks like mad! He’s now putting complete sentences together. He can climb and jump and run and do most things other kids his age can do. He’s doing great academically and behaving appropriately in school. His health has improved dramatically, his hair and skin are glowing with all the good nutrition he receives. He is doing great! Gabe has adjusted so well with his adoptive family and he adores his siblings, especially his big sister. Gabe and his siblings have their typical arguments and challenging moments, but more and more it feels like Gabe has always been a part of the family and we can’t imagine life without him!”

– Becky Preece (Adoptive Mother)

You can follow Gabe’s journey with his family at: