Heath – Boden

RODS Orphan Story

Heath, now called Boden by the Drakes, has adjusted great since he has been home! Mehgan, his adoptive Mother, shared the following.

“I wanted to mention Boden. He is growing a lot and is making tons of progress. In the mornings, he opens the pantry, brings me the peanut butter for his oatmeal, brings me a banana, throws the peel away, opens and closes the microwave, pushes the start button, opens and closes the microwave when it’s ready, gets me a spoon, and puts the peanut butter up, closes the pantry door and turns the light off. AMAZING! Boden now finally has decided that he can do patty cake on his own, and he can do signs for ‘more, eat, please, and mama.’ He does motions on his own, but he likes for me to hold his wrists while we do them. He is starting to follow his siblings around, Lilly and Sawyer, and he is interested in what they’re doing. His favorite things are music, vibrations, chocolate, piggy back rides, and currently, Andi’s Skip-it. Boden fits into our family so well, it’s like he has always been here!!!”

– Mehgan Drake

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