RODS Orphan Story

Brady Murray, founder and President, has done missionary work in Peru. During one missionary trip, he had the opportunity to personally meet Maelie at a local orphanage. Maelie became an inspiration for Brady while he completed Kona Ironman in October 2012, dedicated to racing for her as an orphan.

Maelie (now called Isabella) is doing great with her new family, the Olsens. Isabella now has two older brothers, as well as an older sister who has Down syndrome. Isabella has adjusted well to the start of school and is bonding very well with her new family!

Lisa shares, “She loves to travel. She is always ready to hop in the car, and hates to be left behind if only some of the family ventures out. She really enjoyed being at the beach, swimming, and hiking. She was terrified of our dog at first, but now adores him. She tries to be a little mommy to her younger sister, and always wants to ‘help’ momma with what she is doing. ”

– Lisa (Adoptive Mother)