RODS Orphan Story

Victoria, now called Jaymi by her family, was born in Russia. She was given up at birth by her parents because she had Down syndrome. This was a sad decision for her young parents to make, they were told by medical workers that their daughter was severely disabled and would not be able to do anything. She lived in a well-run orphanage with other children that also had disabilities. Jaymi was adopted by the Bonner family at age 5. They are truly amazed at how Jaymi has embraced and adapted to her new life. She never seemed to mourn leaving the orphanage, the only life she had ever known.

As Jaymi’s adoptive mother says, “we may never know what life was like for her before she came to us, but we know for sure that she enjoys everything about her new life and family!”

“Recently, Jaymi has been riding horses, going camping, gymnastics, hiking, boating, swimming, camping, parades and many other fun things. She loves school and learning. She is happy with every stage of life and season and this makes it easy for our family!”

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