Macy – Mei Chen

RODS Orphan Story

Mei Chen was able to become listed and available through the collective assistance from RODS Racing and another adoptive family. Amazingly, she didn’t have to wait long as Bill and Kelly Schultz have stepped forward and the adoption process is in progress! They have their home study and dossier completed and are hoping to travel summer of 2015 to pick her up!

October 25, 2015 – Mei Chen met her mom today!! Kelly Schultz of Wisconsin, USA picked up her daughter (renamed Macy Schultz) this morning in China. Macy and her Mom couldn’t be happier.

UPDATE: August 2017
Mei Chen, now named Macy, is such a fun addition to her family. She loves Disney, traveling and can always be found taking silly pictures with her brothers and sisters. She is doing well and learning and growing quickly.

Learn more about Macy’s journey with her family at

SILVIE for the Schultz family — WI