Marcus is an AMAZING 13 year old boy who is full of life and loves to help other children in the orphanage! He is a handsome young man who is ready to join your family and bring lots of love and laughter into your home! One of our RODS Moms was able to meet him and said “Marcus is very high functioning.” He is a typical 13 year old boy looking for a great time!

He enjoys staying active and has a passion for helping with gardening work. The other children adore him and he is thought of as the ‘big brother’ of the orphanage. Marcus is intelligent and loves learning! He is always found playing with and engaging in activities with the other children. There is no doubt he will be an incredible addition to any family!

**Marcus has an urgent need to find a family of his own before he turns 14 in December. At this point he will no longer be available for adoption. Please spread the word and help us find his forever family in time!

We have provided a special $30.000 grant to assist a family with his adoption costs. If you would like more information about Marcus or to begin the adoption process please email Alycia:


**These pictures are from a few years back – the orphanage will grant more recent photos of Marcus to a family committing to his adoption.

Marcus       Marcus 3b