From the Newby Family:
Hi all – Most of you know we aren’t new to adoption. After the birth of our Nathan who was born with Down syndrome in 2015 we knew we wanted to grow the Newby family. Another pregnancy wasn’t in the cards but adoption was! We were blessed to be able to adopt Nicholas and Elizabeth from Eastern Europe in 2017. They flourished and grown and sped through milestones at record speed! They are strong and healthy and dearly cherished and loved.

In 2018, I traveled back to Eastern Europe to adopted Sophia. Sophia had multiple heart defects that needed immediate medical intervention and her adoption was fast tracked. She is now home, recovering, and doing amazing. She has proven to be quite a miracle. She is making huge progress and wins the heart of everyone she meets. We are proud to call her one of our own.

We are trusting God to help get our children home. As you can imagine adopting twice in two years carries a heavy financial burden and we are jumping in on blind faith for a third time. Like most people we do not have $37,000 lying around and we will be working day in and out to bring our child/children home.

We need our village to grow to help bring this little girl and boy home. Adoption is a community that bands together for a child. It knows no discrimination. It is a community of people who band together because they want all children to be in loving, nurturing homes.

Please join our village and help bring our children home.


SLOANE and NATALIA for the Newby Family — NC