RODS Orphan Story

The Bradford family describes Vilija (formerly known as Andrea) as a fire cracker! Vilija is her Lithuanian name, phonetically pronounced as Vil-eah and she is a far cry from the non-verbal, excluded delicate ‘china doll’ she was described as from her orphanage! As described by Carrie, her adoptive mother, “her personality is beaming, bursting, loud and proud and refusing to be unnoticed. She brings life and joy to our family, and this will serve her VERY well. She laughs with her entire being, deeply. When she smiles, every inch of her face is showing it. She is willing to tackle so many things because she wants to learn, she wants to be independent, and she wants to shine. Since coming home she has learned to ride a bike, speak short English sentences, eat with appropriate table manners, complete the entire potty process by herself from britches down to washing hands, set the table for dinner, and swings by herself by pumping her legs.” Carrie further shares that Vilija adores music and can dance and sing “Let it Go” like nobody’s business. She loves camping with her family. Carrie comments, “she has formed a special bond with her brother and sister that I am honored to get a front row seat to. And………our gotcha day was March 3rd, which will be a big celebration each year for us!!!!”

– Carrie (Adoptive Mother)

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