Orphan Stories

Thanks to people like you, RODS grants have funded the adoptions of over 50 orphans since 2012. But with so many children that need our help, it can be all too easy to forget the power of just one adoption.

What follows on this page is a glimpse into the lives of a few RODS orphans. We hope that these stories will show just how real each orphan’s need is, and how important your contribution is.

Meet Poppie

When Poppie’s mother went into labor there was excitement, anticipation and joy in the air. This family was about to bring a baby girl into the world. There were no complications and everything went smoothly. But minutes after Poppie breathed her first breaths of air the doctor and nurses knew they had to tell the mother the news. Baby Poppie had Down syndrome. As soon as she could, Poppie’s mother quietly collected her things and left the hospital, without Poppie.

Now, 4 years later, Poppie is still abandoned. She has been in the same orphanage her entire life. She is engaging, observant…and, of course, incredibly cute. She sounds like the perfect RODS child, but her time is running out. If she doesn’t get adopted she will no longer be able to stay in the orphanage and she will be put in an institution with adults. It’s a life sentence at that point; she will be unadoptable. While care has been improved in many institutions it wasn’t that long ago that an institutionalized Down syndrome child’s life expectancy would be less than 10 years.

We must act quickly and do our best to provide a caring family with the funds they need to complete Poppie’s adoption. Please donate to help older children like Poppie find their forever family.

Meet Cecelia

Cecilia is a beautiful little girl who is happy and enjoys life but she is having problems overcoming what life has thrown at her. Besides being a Down syndrome child, Cecilia also was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD). CHD is common with Down syndrome and is the main cause of death in the first two years of life of Down syndrome children. Luckily Cecilia was in a place where the surgery could be performed in 2015 when she was just over one year old.

After she came to the orphanage Cecelia was able to hold some food to feed herself and was working on feeding herself with a spoon at the time. She likes to eat apple puree, bananas, and grape puree. She is reportedly able to swallow, but has trouble with hard foods.

Cecilia is the perfect example of a RODS orphan that needs your help. These physical problems must be met quickly with professional medical attention. Your donation can help Cecilia, and the many other Down syndrome orphans with heart defects and eating disorders, to get them the families and care they need.

Meet Our Founder

Our founder Brady Murray and his wife Andrea are working to complete a $20,000 fundraising goal for the remainder of 2019 for our current orphan Dino. You can help them reach that goal by clicking on the Donate buttons on this page.