The inspiration behind Racing for Orphans with Down syndrome (RODS) began in 2007. Our Founder, Brady Murray, had his life change forever as he held his newborn son in his arms. The doctor told Brady that his son Nash had Down syndrome. What initially felt like an overwhelming challenge, has now become the greatest blessing. Brady and his wife Andrea soon realized the incredible amount of joy and love brought into their family by having a child with Down syndrome. Nash has surprised them with his happiness and ability to demonstrate unconditional love to all. Nash is the inspiration behind RODS, and the reason we fight to bring other children with Down syndrome to a loving family of their own.

MEETRae-Ann, Perla & Yvette for the Calkin Family!

HELP BRING Rae-Ann, Perla & Yvette for the Calkin Family HOME!

HELP BRING Rae-Ann, Perla & Yvette for the Calkin Family HOME!




Our team has over 200 dedicated members from all around the world. RODS athletes are inspired to do more than just race. They are racing against a cause bigger than themselves and the chance to make a real lasting change! No matter the race, 5k walk, 10k run, or 20-mile bike ride, RODS members race for one child at a time to bring them home to a loving family. The RODS Orphan is funded by Heroes who are athletes, advocates, or community members who raise adoption grant funds to get them adopted. All grant fund donations are tax deductible, and help make international adoptions more affordable for willing families!


The mission of Racing for Orphans with Down syndrome (RODS), is to nurture a positive image of Down syndrome and promote awareness for the adoption of orphans with Down syndrome. We raise adoption grant funds, one child at a time, by participating in organized, athletic races and awareness events.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • Awareness of Down Syndrome
  • Attaining One’s Greatest Potential
  • Generous Giving to Others in Need
  • Strengthening Community Partnerships


The vision of RODS is to build the world’s largest team of devoted endurance athletes who compete for a cause greater than themselves: to find homes for all orphans with Down syndrome.