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Cecelia is a precious little girl! She has had surgery to correct her heart defect. Cecelia is an active little girl who loves participating in interactive games! At the time her file was prepared, Cecelia liked to crawl around on the ground and explore objects in the room. She could sit up and interact with other children her age. Cecelia’s caretakers were working with her on standing and walking at that time as well. Cecelia makes sounds and laughs a lot. She likes to be outside and observe others. When she sees her main nanny, she will wave her hands and scream excitedly! Cecelia was able to hold some food to feed herself and was working on feeding herself with a spoon at the time. She likes to eat apple puree, bananas, and grape puree. She was reportedly able to swallow, but had trouble with hard foods at the time of her report. Cecelia does not care for bitter foods. She sleeps on her stomach, is good at imitating adult motions, and loves to wave goodbye!