Down Syndrome occurs in approximately 1 out of 700 births worldwide. Many times, these children are left orphaned at birth and placed for adoption due to the unique challenges that come from parenting a child who happens to have an extra chromosome.

The good news is, there are thousands of parents willing to provide homes for these children. However, the cost to adopt a child is often unaffordable for these families. RODS is dedicated to making sure we help parents connect with these children in order to give them a loving home. We are dedicated to bringing families together.

Don’t let these children go another night without a parent. Donate today!

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You are joining a loyal group of monthly donors committed to saving orphans with Down syndrome

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Nathaniel  Noah

Nathaniel and Noah

Extra Chromosome Club

The Extra Chromosome Club is your opportunity to go the extra mile, just like so many of these orphans do in their daily lives. When all of us get caught up together in a cause that is greater than ourselves, miracles will happen. To be a member of the Extra Chromosome Club is so simple, yet so impactful. To join, all you need to do is commit to donating at least $21 a month to the organization.

Learn more about the Extra Chromosome Club

Joining this club will give you exclusive updates on the status of orphans who we are currently trying to rescue. You’ll be one of the first to hear when an orphan has been matched with a family. You’ll see firsthand the impact you are having on children and adoptive families. This will end up being much more than a way to donate. What this will do is create a snowball movement. As the club grows, the list of rescued orphans will also grow.