QT2 has one of the world’s most successful coaching programs and works with athletes from world-class to beginner level. All of the QT2 coaches are extensively trained in the protocols that have been developed and implemented within the QT2 training philosophy:

  • Training
  • Restoration/Day-to-day Nutrition
  • Race Fueling
  • Race Pacing
  • Mental Fitness

QT2 is a leader in the athlete coaching industry. RODS has partnered with QT2 to offer each of our athletes a complimentary consultation to review your upcoming race season and how to make the most out of your training. You can receive a FREE, 30 minute one-on-one consultation session from a QT2 Coach.

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Any RODS team member who wishes to sign up for more extensive coaching services will receive a 10% Discount for all of QT2’s One on One coaching services. To review the wide range of expertise of the QT2 coaches, please click here.

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