26.2 Fun Run

How can a 26.2 be so much fun?

Racing for Orphans with Down syndrome has a new running event, the “RODS 26.2”. The entry fee for this race is a $26.00 donation that will help fund the adoption of an orphan. Sounds too good to be true? Just wait, it gets better.

Every participant receives their very own 26.2 finishers medal, and a RODS 26.2 sticker. The race includes a professionally managed start/finish line, and a fully closed off course. That’s right, no cars, traffic or pedestrians on the course – the entire 26.2 will be barricaded strictly for participants. An aid station will be available at the 13.1 mark. To make sure you won’t get overwhelmed at the start, we’re instituting a brand new staggered start process called the “corn hole start process”. The course is designed to be completely level and spectator friendly with screaming crowds all along the race route.

Yes, we know that 26.2 sounds like a haunting distance, but we know with proper training anybody, and we mean ANYBODY can make it to the finish line.

After all, it’s only 26.2 feet.

That’s right. The race is exactly 26.2 feet from start to finish. If you take a close look at the photo at the top of the page you’ll see the start line AND the finish line. This will be like no other race you’ve ever done so join us right away at RODS.org.

This awesome race can be set up at your event or business – indoors or outdoors. If you work for a company that would like to host a RODS 26.2, up to 200 participants can “run” the race in less than a half hour. It is a super fun, super easy, super quick event that can be done over lunch. If you have a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon race, the RODS 26.2 is a great addition for friends and family that are waiting for their racer to finish. Everyone has fun, gets great rewards AND you are helping save the life of a child with Down syndrome. If you are interested in having RODS bring a 26.2 race to your company or event just contact us at admin@rods.org.