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Q: Overall, how will the RODS 2100 work?

A: The RODS 2100: The Journey Home will start on March 21, 2021 (National Down syndrome Day) and end on May 15, 2021. Covering 2,100 miles from Celebration, Florida to Indianapolis, Indiana over the course of 56 days, we will run through eight states at an average of 38 miles per day. Daily distances will vary; the shortest daily distance being 24 miles, the longest being 52 miles. Each daily distance will be run by a team of 12-24 runners. Each of the 56 teams will run in relay format to complete their designated section of the race.


Q: How do I fundraise?

A:   Once you register, RODS will create a personal fundraising page for you. This process may take up to 48 hours. When your page is ready RODS will send you a welcome letter and a link to your page. To fundraise you can share your page with people and let them know they can donate on that page. Individuals can be grouped together to create a team page where all donations collected by each individual will be rolled up to the team.


Q: After I’ve registered what do I need to do?

A:   Once you’ve registered, your Race Captain will reach out to you. The Race Captain needs to know the distance you would like to run and get some idea of your pace for that distance.


Q: Can I run more than one day?

A:   Yes! You can sign up for as many days of the race as you like. Remember that for each day that you register to race you are required to raise the fundraising minimum of $500.


Q: How far do I need to run?

A:   You can run as much or as little as you like. You just need to coordinate with your team captain to let them know how far you are looking to run. The team captain is responsible to ensure the entire route is covered for the day. If you want to run more than once during your day you can do that too by working with your Race Captain.


Q: Can more than one person run at a time?

A:   Yes! Up to four people can run at any one time. For safety reasons we do not want to exceed four people.


Q: Is there an incentive to raise more than the minimum $500?

A:   Yes! If every runner raises the minimum $500 requirement, RODS can fund 24 orphans. If every runner raises $1,000, RODS can fund up to 48 orphans. If you raise $1,000 you will receive a $100 gift certificate from your local running store.


Q: What about food on my race day?

A:   Each race day will begin at sunrise. If you want breakfast eat it before you get to the race. We expect each race day will last 6-8 hours. There will be a number of snacks and drinks available on the team RV. If you would like anything more than what we list on our product donations page you should bring that food with you on race day. A refrigerator and/or cooler will be available for any food you bring. Late lunch/dinner will be provided by RODS at the finish line. We want to celebrate your achievement with food!