RODS 2100 Race Captains

We need Race Captains! The most important job falls to our daily race captains. Each day of the race we need a captain for the team. That’s a total of 56, organized, passionate captains! As a Race Captain you won’t go it alone. You’ll have two vehicles and volunteers to help you:

15-passenger Van – The 15-passenger van is our Advance team that starts its day before daylight to pick up your team at the finish line. Your team will park at the finish line and will be transported to the start by the 15-passenger van. Once everyone is dropped off the 15-passenger van makes it way back to the finish line to set up the truss for the finish. It may also mark the route with chalk to identify turns.

Recreational Vehicle – The RV is meant to be a Support vehicle that carries all of the runners on your team. The RV will also carry food and drink and the medic. The RV will leapfrog the racers by parking at each change over location. It will only be a couple of miles away from the current runner at any time and in communication with the Safety bicyclist if medical help is needed. Of course as an RV it will also be available if runners need a bathroom.

Safety Bicyclist – The safety bicyclist is a volunteer riding an electric bike in support of each runner. The safety bicyclist will make the runner more visible to traffic and will carry food and drink for each runner along with a first aid kit.

Here are the race captain responsibilities:

  • Know Your Team – The Race Captain is responsible for assigning each runner their distance and know each runner’s pace to ensure their leg of the race is completed in daylight hours.
  • Scout the Route – It’s important that the race captain know each mile of the day’s route. They need to be able to share the route with their race team and all of the support personnel. Besides providing turns and other route information the Race Captain must supply the support team with changeout areas that will accommodate the RV (e.g. parking lots, gas stations, etc.).
  • Identify a Finish Line – The finish line for each race day needs to be a location where 10-20 cars can be parked as all runners will park at the finish line and then be shuttled to the start. We are also looking for a 10’x10′ space where we can set up our finish line truss and possibly artists who will be creating a finish line photo opportunity for the racers. The Support RV and Advance 15-passenger van will also temporarily park at the finish. No vehicles will be parked overnight. The best locations are probably a business parking lot, sports complex or park.
  • Finish Line Food – The Race Captain is asked to identify a place where the whole team and support staff can eat after the day’s race. This could be a restaurant, food truck or pot luck.
  • Pick a Team Name – As team individuals get their RODS fundraising page, all of these pages can be linked under a single team name for consolidation and easy tracking. Be creative and come up with your own team identity.
  • Fundraise – The Race Captain is responsible for ensuring that the team has raised a minimum of $6,000. $100 gift certificates to a local running store are available to each team member that individually raises $1,000 or more.
  • Compete – Each team will compete against the other teams for prizes:
    • Raise the most money
    • Best costumes

To apply to become a race captain fill out the Race Captain Signup form below.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us. You can email our General Manager at

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