RODS 2100 Volunteers

Without volunteers the RODS 2100: The Journey Home will not happen. Volunteers are the lifeblood of this event. We need whatever support you can provide in a number of different areas and locations. If you can’t run, or if you know someone who is running and would like to help too, look at the volunteer positions we have available and fill out the Volunteer Signup below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us. You can email our General Manager at

RV Driver/Support Team

The RV driver will drive a large RV to leap frog racers during the day to provide runner changeout, bathroom, food and drink and medical support if needed. Experience driving large motorhomes and staying at RV campsites is preferable.


At least one individual with a medical background that travels on the Support Team RV in the event medical care is needed. Could be EMT, paramedic, nurse or doctor.

Van Driver and assistant/Advance Team

A 15-passenger van that provides transportation from the finish line to the start line at the beginning of each day. The advance team lays out the course and chalks any turns during the day and then sets up the finish line truss and banners each day. This team consists of two people; the driver and one assistant.

Racer Support/Safety Bicyclist

Travels by bike to support the active racer(s). Provides a safety escort, and food and drink to the racer(s). Each safety bicyclist can use their own bike (as long as they are able to carry supplies) or the electric bike supplied by RODS. Must be comfortable biking 40 miles in one day and keeping pace with runners.


Responsible for outreach to TV and radio stations along the route.


Use of video and photos to capture the entire race. Responsible for racer and adoptive family interviews. Must provide needed equipment.

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