RODS members come from all around the world, and have a whole spectrum of abilities. We welcome any and all who would like to support the cause and save an orphan. We do not require you to be an athlete to join. You can choose to fund-raise however is best for you. Whether through racing or other means, we look forward to having you on the team. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the RODS family!

RODS Member Q&A's

Expectations for RODS members:

  • We ask that each member fund-raise or donate some amount yearly.
  • All members wear RODS gear as much as possible, purchase gearĀ here.
  • If you are a racer we ask that you participate in at least 1 race per year wearing RODS gear.
  • Post pictures on social media and remember to tag rodsracing.
  • Promote RODS any chance you get:
    • Share the RODS story and follow our member page.
    • Be creative, have lots of fun, and make a difference!

Information to know:

  • There is no membership fee, participation is free!
  • We do not require you to be an athlete to join, you can choose to fund-raise however is best for you.
  • As long as you are being an active member of our team – racing, fundraising, posting, etc. we welcome you to stay with us as long as you would like.

How to sign up:

  • Click Join Team RODS below – fill out your member profile and we will create a personalized member page for you. You can see the races you run, the money you raise, and the orphans you save!
  • Whether running and raising money, or promoting RODS and raising money, we would love to have YOU as a member of our RODS family!
  • Email: with any questions or to receive fund-raising tips.
RODS is a team of athletes from around the world. We work together to help orphaned children find a loving home and receive a forever family. If you desire to make a difference and want to dedicate your racing to help bring these orphans home, we need YOU on our team!