Down Syndrome occurs in approximately 1 out of 700 births worldwide. Many times, these children are left orphaned at birth and placed for adoption due to the unique challenges that come from parenting a child who happens to have an extra chromosome.

The good news is, there are thousands of parents willing to provide homes for these children. However, the cost to adopt a child is often unaffordable for these families. RODS is dedicated to making sure we help parents connect with these children in order to give them a loving home. We are dedicated to bringing families together.

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We’ve always believed that rescuing an orphan with Down Syndrome ends up blessing the adoptive family more than the adoptive child. They know how to share an unconditional amount of love and happiness with their new family. With the help of some special friends to the RODS organization, we’ve put together a video showcasing that happiness. We invite you to share that happiness with others. All you need to do is identify 21 people whose day you want to brighten and share this video with them.

Do your 21-somethings

These precious kiddos are perfect examples of “follow what I do, not what I say.” They will go out of their way to help their sibling. To make a stranger smile. To go the extra mile and challenge themselves. We invite you to follow their example and do something to challenge yourselves, around the number 21. Run 21 minutes. Bike 21 miles. Bake 21 cookies for a friend. Make 21 people smile. This is a day meant to go the extra mile, just like they do.

Donate at least $21

Since the beginning, it has been very clear that helping lower the cost of adoption greatly increases the opportunity for the uniting of forever families. This task wouldn’t be possible without your donations. We invite you to donate to the organization. Right now there are hundreds of orphans who are ready to be identified and advocated for. As donations grow on their behalf, the opportunity to advocate for them will grow. With increase advocacy, the opportunity for their forever family to find them will also grow.

This is our origin story.

The inspiration behind Racing for Orphans with Down syndrome (RODS) began in 2007. Our Founder, Brady Murray, had his life change forever as he held his newborn son in his arms. The doctor told Brady that his son Nash had Down syndrome. What initially felt like an overwhelming challenge, has now become the greatest blessing.

Brady and his wife Andrea soon realized the incredible amount of joy and love brought into their family by having a child with Down syndrome. Nash has surprised them with his happiness and ability to demonstrate unconditional love to all. Nash is the inspiration behind RODS, and the reason we fight to bring other children with Down syndrome to a loving family of their own.

How RODS makes a difference.

RODS is structured to bring purpose to individuals who race, and to provide support and financial assistance to families willing to give these sweet orphans a forever home. Currently we have raised funding for 50 orphans and plan to raise funds to reach a total of 100 funded by the end of 2019. Join us in a cause that makes a real difference, a permanent change, and a lasting impact.

We care about each child and helping them succeed, this is why we raise funds for one child at a time. Whether you would like to adopt, donate, or race we hope you will choose to be a RODS Hero and pave the way to bring more orphans with Down syndrome to a family of their own!

Meet Some Of These Incredible Children

Help Noah find A forever home

Meet Noah

Noah is a happy and active little boy! Noah loves to roll around on the play mats and play with his toys! He will often hold a ball in his hands and study it while he plays. His favorite activities at kindergarten are cooking, music and learning about animals. He has a good memory and is able to learn different action songs. Noah is a charming little boy who enjoys making funny faces and communicating with others. Noah interacts well with people and is comfortable with his caregivers and brothers. His cheerful nature brings so much joy to all who know and love him.

Help Nathaniel find A forever home

Meet Nathaniel

Nathaniel is healthy and has a healthy head of hair! He has high needs for touch, cuddles, and would suit a family where those things are given freely and often, and where he can bond with his people. Nathaniel has grown in confidence and security in recent months, shown by him initiating more independent play. He is kind to his peers and loving to the adults in his life. He is sensitive and cries to express his needs. What he wants more than anything in the world right now is time!

Meet Nathaniel

Meet Noah

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