RODS Upcoming Races

Why Race for RODS

Racing to bring home an orphan adds a sense of purpose to every run you take!

Not only are you working on improving you, you’re running to make a difference in the world. When race day finally comes, you cross the finish line knowing that a small child is that much closer to going a loving home.

 Imagine how good it will feel to watch their fundraising bar go up along with your fitness!

RODS puts a ton of work into each and every race we do. Racers receive full race support for training, and on race day!

Here’s what we do for you:

Unlimited correspondence with our Athlete Coach, Brandon Leahy, for personal training guidance.

Access to all our tent has to offer on race day.

Gourmet food, water and coffee!

Sunscreen, Vaseline

Chairs and tables to relax before and after the race

Extra loud cheering out on the track!


No races scheduled at this time

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