Wish List

To help reduce program expenses, RODS needs donations of supplies that are regularly used during its programs. 

Our 2020/2021 plan is to encourage more individuals and companies to run for RODS. Our 26.2 Fun Run is an event we look to spread across the country. To support these events we want to build 5 traveling “kits” that allow our volunteer staff to set up their own RODS 26.2 Fun Runs. This Amazon link includes many of the items we need to build the kits:

RODS Wishlist

26.2 Fun Run Kit

  • (2) Lighting Trusses for Start and Finish lines
  • (2) Lighting Truss Bags to store truss
  • Folding Table for display
  • Cornhole game board and bags for staggered start
  • (12) Ball Bungee Cords to hold signage
  • Stanchion Kit to mark course
  • Nikon Camera for time lapse

(3) MacBook Pros for RODS volunteers at our office

 We understand that some of these items are very expensive. If you cannot purchase an item outright, you can also do a donation of any size directly to RODS to go toward the purchase of these items.