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What is RODS?

The Mission of RODS is to bring orphans with Down syndrome to a forever family. We raise adoption funds to help assist families with the international adoption costs associated with bringing these sweet children home. We would love to have you join us in the cause and help give each child a loving family of their own!



Hana is a precious little girl! Hana is quiet, kind, and an all around girly-girl! She thrives with one-on-one attention, but also loves to be around other kids. When in foster care, she was eager to have her hair done every morning and liked to play in the bath. Hana enjoys PE and dance. She has a good appetite and can self feed. Before she was taken to an orphanage, she was being potty trained during the day and wore a diaper at night.


Total Donations

$1,116,101 RAISED SO FAR
GOAL $2,000,000

Meet our orphans

Help Me Come Home!
Help Me Come Home!