The ‘seed’ for Racing for Orphans with Down syndrome (RODS) was planted in 2007 when founder and President, Brady Murray’s life changed forever. As Brady held his newborn son in his arms, the doctors told him his son had Down syndrome. What seemed initially like an overwhelming challenge, changed quickly as Brady realized that having a child with Down syndrome could be an amazing “blessing!’ With his ability to show unconditional love, laughter, and joy to others, Nash himself, became the inspiration behind the creation of RODS!

                                                                            HOW RODS MAKES A DIFFERENCE

RODS athletes consist of over two hundred dedicated members from around the United States, Canada, and Europe. RODS Team athletes are inspired not just to race, but to race for a purpose: for ‘the cause’ to help orphans with Down syndrome find an adoptive family. Whether a 5K walk, 10K run, 20-mile bike ride, a triathlon, marathon, RODS Team members race for one child at a time, also known as THE RODS Orphan. Our athletes, advocates, and community members work together as HEROES to raise adoption grant funds for these orphans and raise awareness for the adoption of these orphans. All grant fund donations are tax deductible and help make the cost of international adoptions for the adoptive family more affordable!